An injury to the mind, the body and emotions are regarded as personal injury which can be the result of a slip on a floor; an animal bite; medical malpractice or a vehicle collision.  Our team is experienced to assist and negotiate on behalf of our Clients to achieve the most appropriate remedy.

•    Car accidents
•    Defective products
•    Motorcycle accidents
•    Dog bite injuries
•    Medical negligence
•    Slip and fall injuries

The necessary documents and processes that need to occur when launching a claim of personal injury:

•    You will need to be examined by a medical professional
•    There must be an investigation into the incident
•    You must complete and submit any statutory claim forms
•    You must document, in writing, you intend to launch a claim against the accused and furnish your legal representative with this document.
•    Your lawyer will then request a Summons be granted, and serve the accused with the notice of intent of legal proceedings.
•    The accused has a period of time in which they will then be required to notify you of their intention, either to fight the claim or settle out of court.
•    The following stages are set out for communication between the claimant and defendant. If possible, it is preferable to settle the matter outside of court, as a trail is a lengthy and expensive process
•    If the case does go to trial, a date will be set
•    The trial will then proceed as a normal trial would, with your legal representative arguing your case, calling expert witnesses and presenting evidence in support of your claim.
•    The accused will then attempt to disprove your argument
•    Finally the Judge will rule on the matter and grant you compensation, or dismiss your claim.

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